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Battling Goliath: Inside a $22 Billion Legal Scandal is the compelling true story of one man's quest to hold a corporate giant accountable for the blind greed that put six million lives at risk. Wyeth, the makers of fen-phen, circumvented Food and Drug Administration regulations to push their miracle drug cocktail on overweight consumers. They then engaged in a complex cover-up of dangerous side effects fearing an FDA backlash. Fen-phen was finally pulled from pharmacy shelves but only after the mounting deaths and illnesses became too numerous to ignore.

With his Midwestern work ethic and fighter's spirit, attorney Kip Petroff passionately led the charge in courtrooms across the country despite the toll on his personal and professional life. His aggressive strategy resulted in the first verdict, a historic award that ultimately led to a nationwide settlement. But the corruption that followed would test his early commitment to bring justice to the drugs' victims. The massive class action would drag on for more than a decade, spawning a host of shadowy back-room pacts, threats, allegations, and deceit.

Relying on his principles and leaning heavily on his faith, Petroff persevered for himself and his clients. His inspirational story is proof that each of us has the power to stand up to Goliath, whoever and whatever it may be.


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KIP A. PETROFF, Attorney and Author of Battling Goliath: Inside a $22 Billion Legal Scandal

KIP A. PETROFF has been suing large companies on behalf of injured consumers for more than twenty-five years, but is best known for blazing the trail in the fen-phen diet drug litigation. He is board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in both civil and personal injury trial law. Learn more at


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